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Implications of COVID-19 on Higher Education(2021)

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Research Articles


Evidence of Scientific Literacy Through Hybrid and Online Biology Inquiry-Based Learning Activities
Caio Cotta Natale, Paula Seixas Mello, Silvia Luzia Frateschi Trivelato, Patricia Marzin-Janvier, and Daniel Manzoni-de-Almeida


Changes That Should Remain in Higher Education Post COVID-19: A Mixed-Methods Analysis of the Experiences at Three Universities
Águeda Benito, Kubra Dogan Yenisey, Kavita Khanna, Manuel Felipe Masis, Rosa Maria Monge, Mehmet Ali Tugtan, Luis Diego Vega Araya, and Rekha Vig


Quality of Online Learning Participation in a Context of Crisis
Jorge Chávez, Rosa Barrera, Rosa Montaño, Jaime Sánchez, and Jaime Fauré

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