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HLRC is an open-access journal with an international focus published by Walden University. It is indexed in Scopus and is listed in other indexes and abstracting services. Its aim is to disseminate both high-quality research and teaching best practices in tertiary education across cultures and disciplines. HLRC connects the ways research and best practice contribute to the public good and impact the communities that educators serve. ISSN 2157-6254 (Online)Higher Learning Research Communications.

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Announcement: Special Issue of the HLRC - Global Issues in English Language Teaching and Learning

As higher education and research productivity become increasingly international in focus, English has become the predominant global language in business, academic research, and higher education. Internationalization of higher education is occurring at a rapid pace. Programs globally are in place to teach English as a medium of instruction, in which courses are taught in English, and content and language-integrated learning, in which foreign language mastery is not the direct aim of the instruction. Most academic research is published in English; percentages of journal articles published in English range from 75% – 98%. This comes with criticism. For example, while the internationalization of research (and its publication in English) creates opportunities to attract the best research talent, some suggest that translation from indigenous languages risks losing valuable information and ways of seeing the world.

The purpose of this special issue is to examine the multitude of issues related to internationalization, globalization, and English-language dominance in higher education and scientific discovery. Issues that can be addressed include but are not limited to:

  • Policies at the institution level related to internationalization and globalization and their effectiveness in achieving objectives.
  • Partnerships and collaborations between universities and businesses that enhance internationalization and globalization.
  • All issues related to English language learning, content and language-integrated learning, and English medium instruction, including assessment and program effectiveness.
  • The impact of English language dominance on research, scholarship, and scientific publication.
  • The impact and effectiveness of programs intended to recruit international students.
  • The ways that educational technology enhances the internationalization of higher education and scholarship.
  • Dominance of English as a means of promoting cross-cultural scientific and other academic collaborations.
  • The ways that the dominance of English in research and scholarship limits or enhances publication and reputation.

    We expect to publish the special issue in the Fall of 2024. Therefore, we will accept manuscripts through February 28, 2024. However, manuscripts are published upon acceptance and final copyediting, so they may be published earlier. We will consider the following types of manuscripts: Empirical research studies; critical literature reviews; brief reports and essays. Requirements for submitting manuscripts can be found at https://scholarworks.waldenu.edu/hlrc/styleguide.html. Authors are expected to have the manuscript in the correct format prior to submission. We welcome any questions; please direct them to [email protected].

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