Higher Learning Research Communications


Welcome to this special issue of Higher Learning Higher Learning Research Communications (HLRC)! This issue is dedicated to international accreditation of higher education.Academic leaders from Australia, Brazil, Chile, México, Spain, Switzerland and the United States provide insights into the world of higher education accreditation, and describe existing trends, changes, guidelines and their own experiences navigating the higher education accreditation process for specific countries in the times internationalization.Authors for this issue were individually invited because of their knowledge and insights gained while working on innovative projects as institutions adjust to new and emerging accreditation standards.Thus, Agueda Benito Capa (rector at Universidad Europea de Madrid, Spain), Almeida Guimaraes and Chaves Edler de Almeida (leaders at CAPES the Brazilian Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Graduate Education), Boehringer and Blyth (academic leaders at Blue Mountain Hotel School, Australia), Scott (dean of Media Design School, New Zealand), Morales Hernández (corporate rector at Universidad del Valle de México, México), Prince (director of academic affairs at Glion Institute of Higher Education, Switzerland), and Armanet (academic vice-rector at Universidad de las Américas, Chile), write about their experiences.They detail, at different levels, the path to accreditation, the complexities and decisions involved, the standards and history behind the processes, and provide the insights that can only be learned from experience. We want to acknowledge and thank all the invited authors and their collaborators for their contributions to this special issue. The global vision of accreditation summarized in the articles presented demonstrate the power of academia, encompassing divergent international standards that cross boundaries for a common goal:quality in higher education. The Editors