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Objectives: Current issues impact the number and type of service-learning courses (SLCs) offered across universities. Our research aims to address the barriers and offer solutions to implementing SLCs.

Methods: Instructors (n = 117) in the California State University system, the largest in the United States, who taught SLCs in fall 2019 and spring 2020 were contacted to understand why they chose to continue, or discontinue, teaching SLCs in Fall 2020.

Results: The majority of participants continued to teach an SLC. Those who had more experience teaching SLCs were more likely to continue. Additionally, female participants trended toward being more likely to consider the use of service-learning as a high-impact practice as more important in their decision to continue teaching an SLC compared to male participants. Additional results and further implications are addressed.

Conclusions: While there are significant barriers to teaching SLCs in a remote environment, there are viable solutions.