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Objectives: The purpose of this descriptive study was to understand the instructional methods, quality, and challenges in online instruction as industrial engineering instructors in Indonesia transitioned from face-to-face to fully online instruction during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Methods: Instructors were invited to complete a survey that requested perceptions on methods, perceived quality, and challenges regarding course delivery and assessment in their online classrooms.

Results: Despite the fact that more than half of the participants (59%) had some training, the majority (63%) reported that they had no experience in conducting online classrooms. Furthermore, more than 50% of the participants described the quality of the course delivery and assessment as the same or inferior to traditional classrooms. Most participants reported having an issue with measuring student involvement or gaining class interaction. Regarding the course assessment, the vast majority of the participants reported concerns about integrity issues associated with assignments and exams.

Implications for Practice and Conclusion: Since instructors reported intention to continue online instruction post-pandemic, industrial engineering programs can begin strengthening the online learning infrastructure and providing some training to the instructors to minimize the discrepancies between face-to-face and online instruction.