Journal of Educational Research and Practice


The use of technology engages students and increases academic achievement, as Tamin, Bernard, Brookhovski, Abrami, and Schmid (2011) found in a study summarizing 40 years of research on this topic. Educators face attitudinal, sociocultural, and pedagogical barriers to technology integration in spite of its positive impact on academic achievement. In this qualitative multicase study, three groups of educators were interviewed to determine how some teachers successfully overcame barriers to technology integration. Each case contained two or three teachers, one administrator, and one technology support person in each of three schools in a rural northeastern school district. The findings showed that a team approach among administrators, technology support personnel, and teachers resulted in the strongest technology integration. Successful strategies included providing appropriate professional development, building collegial support and sharing among teachers, training teachers to locate relevant technological resources, and establishing value and support for the use of technology for learning.