Journal of Educational Research and Practice




In order to better understand the potential influence of high school students’ grades on how they rate their teachers and schools, we explored the relationship between student grade point average and student ratings of teacher and school effectiveness in 370 classes taught by 230 instructors with over 6,000 students in grades 9–12 in an Intermountain West school district. Teachers were evaluated with an 18-item student survey. Students also rated their schools with six additional items. The performance measure was the grade point average (GPA) for the quarter in which students evaluated their teachers and schools. ANOVAs showed that both year in school and GPA were positively linked with ratings of teacher effectiveness and ratings of school experiences. Seniors were more positively disposed toward their teachers and school experiences than students at lower grade levels. Most of the ratings of specific items on the teacher effectiveness and school-experience scales were significantly, though not strongly, correlated with GPAs. We discuss implications and suggestions for future research.