Journal of Educational Research and Practice


The current study provides insight into the experiences of the most common content area teacher–coaches: social studies teacher–coaches. Substantial research findings support the idea that occupying the dual role of teacher–coach may lead to role conflict, role overload, and burnout in teacher–coaches. The purpose of the study is to illuminate the unique stressors associated with occupying the dual role of social studies teacher and athletic coach (SSTC) simultaneously, and to discover ways in which SSTCs manage such conflict. Through a case study of three football SSTCs in the southeastern United States, we explored participants’ experiences with role conflict, role overload, and burnout and investigated coping strategies utilized to manage stress. We conducted a series of interviews with the three SSTCs and administered the Maslach Burnout Inventory–Educators' Survey. Results indicate that participants experienced high levels of role conflict and overload; however, through a strong commitment to both roles, community support, and personal coping mechanisms, SSTCs were able to avoid burnout.