Journal of Educational Research and Practice




The coronavirus disease of 2019, known as the COVID-19 pandemic, is a disaster event that posed significant physical, social, financial, and mental health risks to college students. Disproportionate experiences of stressors position students of color as a population particularly vulnerable to the negative impacts of COVID-19, thus, the current study assessed the impact of COVID-19 on undergraduate students of color in the United States. Students participated in semi-structured in-depth interviews about their experiences with stressors during the pandemic. Data were analyzed using conventional content analysis and revealed themes including (a) the pandemic’s impact on students; (b) basic needs as college students; (c) strategies used to cope with stressors; and (d) supports desired from institutions and faculty. Findings inform colleges and healthcare providers of the most salient concerns for students of color and the sources found helpful. As such, these findings may guide effective prevention and intervention strategies to minimize the effects of future disasters.