Journal of Educational Research and Practice




This article presents an immediate evaluation of a professional development course in community health literacy for Brazilian nurses. An evaluation based on an applied thematic analysis of the accounts of 63 attendees in three Brazilian cities (January 2020) was guided by the following themes: (a) expansion of understanding about community health literacy as a pillar for planning and providing health care; (b) encouragement of innovation in research and/or practice; and (c) plans to incorporate the information shared in the course into professional projects. The evaluation disclosed the complexity of social contexts for health literacy, which is intertwined with ethnocultural diversity and deep socioeconomic disparities, such as restricted access to essential public health services for socially deprived and vulnerable individuals. Expanded understanding about community health literacy is a pillar for care planning and delivery, as well as innovation in research and practice projects. Participants’ evaluations revealed ideas to improve nurses’ practice in promoting community health literacy and empowerment, as well as quality of life and social well-being. Future knowledge dissemination may impact nurses’ clinical practice and management actions, bringing changes in various areas of practice to redesign more socially inclusive actions for clientele.

Keywords: Community health literacy; extracurricular education; immediate evaluation; nursing; professional development course.