International Journal of Applied Management and Technology


India is a developing country that is flooded with different brands. With too many products floodingthe market, companies find it difficult to differentiate their products based on their inherent productfeatures. In fact, advertising is an effective marketing tool available to marketers to create andpromote awareness for their products. To make the advertisement more attractive and avoid themedia clutter, companies use celebrities to endorse their products. The demand for instant recall,brand awareness, and emotional bonding with customers has made celebrity endorsements the latesttrend. Celebrities add new dimensions to a brand. As a result of the increase in celebrityadvertisements in various media, India has become a celebrity-obsessed society.The majority of celebrity endorsement research has focused on the effectiveness and selection ofcelebrity endorsers. This research paper studied the effect of celebrity endorsements on the brandpositioning of select female personal care products through television advertisements. The Indianscenario was suitable to study the effect of celebrity endorsements on brands and the ultimatedecision of consumers to buy particular brands.