International Journal of Applied Management and Technology

Aims & Scope

The (IJAMT) welcomes manuscripts focusing on interdisciplinary research in applied management and technology. Contributions are invited from disciplines in applied management, decision sciences, information systems management, knowledge and learning management, emerging technologies, project management, business process improvement, e-business strategies, operations research, public and nonprofit administration, public policy, and leadership and organizational change. Examples of desirable submissions include, but are not limited to:

  • Translation of theory-to-practice to address contemporary issues in management and technology.
  • Relevant information for researchers and practitioners on best practices in design, intervention, implementation, evaluation, and outcomes.
  • Efforts that are the result of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary collaboration
  • Articles reporting the results of well-designed complete or partial replications of previously published research, whether supportive of the original hypotheses or not.

Scholars, practitioners, and graduate students are invited to submit their manuscripts for publication. Four specific types of articles will be published in the IJAMT. They are:

  • Full-length empirical articles: Comprehensive reports of findings from quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-design research studies
  • Brief empirical articles: Succinct summaries of findings from quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-design research studies of minimal scope (e.g., pilot studies)
  • Comprehensive literature reviews: Articles providing summary and analysis of the body of existing research on a topic
  • Book reviews: Reviews of books relevant to the disciplines
  • Student research: Empirical articles or literature reviews for which the first author is currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate degree program

If you have questions about the submission process or the appropriateness of a particular manuscript, please contact the editors of the at [email protected].