International Journal of Applied Management and Technology


Survivors and victims of organizational change are experiencing mental health issues afterdownsizing and organizational change. The purpose of this study was to determine whether whitecollarworkers were aware of major changes in corporate America and how these changes mightaffect them. The research question, “Do survivors or victims of downsizing or organizationalchange experience mental health issues after downsizing or organizational change?” This was thefoundation of this study. This quantitative approach involved surveying 196 white-collar workers intwo industries: manufacturing and health. An analysis showed that the literature has sensationalizedthe health-related problems because only about 20% of the people surveyed acknowledged therewas a problem. The study provided insights into the health-related problems associated withdownsizing or organizational change. Survivors and employees should speak about downsizing andorganizational change, and it affects them and their family members financially, emotionally, andpsychologically.