International Journal of Applied Management and Technology


Supply Chain Management (SCM) has gained significance as one of the 21st century manufacturing paradigms for improving organizational competitiveness. Supply chain ensures improved efficiency and effectiveness of not only product transfer, but also information sharing between the complex hierarchies of all the tiers. The literature on SCM that deals with strategies and technologies for effectively managing a supply chain is quite vast. In recent years, organizational performance measurement (PM) and metrics have received much attention from researchers and practitioners. Performance measurement and metrics have an important role to play in setting objectives, evaluating performance, and determining future courses of actions. Performance measurement and metrics pertaining to SCM have not received adequate attention from researchers or practitioners. There is no systematic grouping of the different performance measures in the existing literature. The development of a framework for PM in supply chains requires generalised performance measures. This paper seeks to provide an extensive literature review for identification of performance measures, which in turn forms a basis for establishing a framework for performance measurements in supply chains.