International Journal of Applied Management and Technology




We investigated the changes in behaviors of firms in emerging markets in response to the U.S. economic recession and the impact of those changes in strategic behaviors on subsequent periods’ operating performances. Specifically, we adopted an event-study methodology, using a sample of emerging market firms, to investigate the nature of the effects of the U.S. economic recession on firms in emerging markets. Based on 5,887 firms in nine emerging countries, our results show that firms in emerging markets exhibit changes in strategy variables, and those changes have a significant effect on the subsequent periods’ operating performance. In addition, we found that the impact of changes in strategy variables on the subsequent periods’ operating performance is stronger among more resource-unconstrained firms than among more resource-constrained firms. We ascribe this latter finding to the lack of slack resources that are necessary to make changes in strategy variables during the aftermath of the global economic recession for more resource-constrained firms.