Journal of Sustainable Social Change


Empowering Internal Stakeholders Through the Dissemination of Useful Information: A Review of Crisis Management Concepts


In this article, we define crisis management as not only a problem, but also an opportunity for leaders to be flexible, creative, and innovative that contributes to social change. In the past, organizational leaders often looked at crisis management as a quick fix or stopgap to business as usual. Empowering internal stakeholders and disseminating useful information that is relevant, valid, timely, and reliable to people within the organization can lead to crisis resolution at the closest point of action and contribute to social change. We look at the primary and secondary stakeholders and stewardship of the employees during the crisis and discuss crisis management as the action research process and the relationship to social change. Moreover, corporate social responsibility from the perspective of the for-profit business leader can be a marketing and branding effort to improve organizational performance from the crisis management process that also contributes to social change.

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