Journal of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences




The benefits embedded in the use of social media for policing and law enforcement are increasingly becoming recognized globally. Despite the growing popularity of social media in Nigeria, empirical information on the disposition of police personnel toward their adoption for policing and crime investigation are generally scarce. Therefore, this study investigated the use of social media for policing and crime prevention among 122 police officers serving at the headquarters of the Lagos State Police Command. The research design was descriptive and cross-sectional. Survey questionnaire and key informant interview methods were employed for data collection. Results indicated that respondents were generally positively disposed toward the adoption of social media for policing and crime prevention (c2 =13.68; p > .05). Although social media platforms were being used for different police duties, 47.0% of the respondents identified intelligence gathering as the major purpose for which they were being used. The majority of the officers (77.2%) claimed that they had not been exposed to any form of training regarding social media usage for policing. It is pertinent for the Nigeria Police Force to professionally train its officers on the use of social media platforms for policing and law enforcement.