The Journal of Social, Behavioral, and Health Sciences(JSBHS), sponsored by Walden University, is a peer-reviewed, online, interdisciplinary journal focusing on theoretically-based research that addresses contemporary national and international issues. JSBHS articles include peer-reviewed research reports, brief reports, comprehensive literature reviews, book reviews, and student research. Publication in JSBHS is always free to authors.

The objectives of the JSBHS are to:

  • Encourage dialogue between scholars and practitioners in the social, behavioral, and health sciences that fosters integration of theoretically-based empirical research with practice.
  • Inform the relationship between practice and research in the social, behavioral, and health sciences.

Recent Content



Whom Should I Talk To? Emerging Adults’ Romantic Relationship Work
Jakob Jensen, Amy Rauer, Yuliana Rodriguez, and Andrew Brimhall


Pap Utilization Survey in Nueva Vida, Nicaragua: Professional and Health Promotoras Partnership
Olushola O. Ogunleye, Bethesda J. O'Connell, Megan A. Quinn, Lea C. Florence, and Kaitlyn Shirely


Prescribing HIV PrEP and Education Needs Among Care Providers
Martin K. Logo, Hadi Denawi, and Aimee Ferraro

Book Reviews