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William R. Osman, Ed.D.


An Institutional Research for the Purpose of Measuring the Effectiveness of Instructional, Curricular, and Personnel Services to the Transfer Students at Olney Central College was conducted in 1971-72. The population of the study consisted of thirty-five students, twenty-two males and thirteen females, for the pilot study, and 259 students, 159 males and one hundred females, for the final study. The students were graduates of Olney Central College·during the years 1968, 1969, and 1970, who had transferred to four-year colleges or universities as indicated by their personnel records. All of the students were selected by random sampling. An open-end type of questionnaire consisting of eight questions was employed for the pilot study. A final instrument of thirty-eight statements employing a. rating scale was developed from students' responses to the questions used in the pilot study. The statements on the final instrument were grouped into three different categories-- instructional, curricular, and personnel services. The Likert-type rating scale had f'ive choices--strongly disagree, disagree, undecided, agree, and strongly agree. Tables were employed for each statement rated in order to present an analysis of the number and percentage of students, both male and female, responding. For each statement and table, a summary with implicati.ons was employed to describe the analysis. The transfer students as a group reported they were satisfied with the services at oec. They rated highly the quality of the OCC faculty, the personnel services, and the courses offered as preparation for senior college work. The transfer students gave less favorable ratings to the academic advisement at OCC than they did to various aspects of the instructional program. They gave their most favorable ratings to their instructors' knowledge of subject, their ability to teach and their deep interest in their students.