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Donna Brown


The research problem for this study focused on organizations' inability to derive strategic value from the law due to the lack of integration between legal strategy and business strategy. The purpose of this study was to build consensus among in-house general counsel working across business industries in the United States with regard to techniques that will alter unreceptive managerial viewpoints toward the strategic value of law within the corporate setting. The research question centered on assessing the level of consensus among general counsel relative to those techniques. This 3-round qualitative Delphi study began with open-ended questions in Round 1 and progressed toward consensus in Round 3. The results encompass a consensus by the panel on 25 techniques for altering unreceptive managerial viewpoints toward the law spanning 5 categories: integrating legal considerations with business processes, improving workplace collaboration between in-house counsel and managers, leadership qualities and expectations of counsel, understanding legal implications of business decisions, and demonstration of strategic value. This was the first study to apply the construct of consensus to the generation of techniques by general counsel for altering unreceptive managerial viewpoints toward the strategic value of law. Incorporating the techniques identified in this study into the development of coaching practices, team building sessions, or other collaborative exercises may lead to positive social change through: (a) reduced anxiety stemming from organizational conflict between managers and in-house counsel; (b) decreased managerial burnout, absenteeism, and turnover due to organizational conflict with in-house counsel; and, (c) decreased workplace resistance between managers and in-house counsel.