Date of Conferral



Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)




Cassandra Taylor


An evidence-based leadership (EBL) framework is an intervention designed to facilitate organizational changes such as the reduction of nursing turnover and the improvement of nursing job enjoyment. This project provides an overview of the effect of nursing turnover on an organization, presents the components of the EBL framework, and provides an evaluation of the influence of EBL on nursing turnover and job enjoyment. The EBL framework provided a method for reducing variance in leadership skill and behavior by outlining specific methods necessary to reduce inconsistency. The project objective was to determine if the implementation of an EBL framework for 820 nursing staff in 10 clinical units at a tertiary medical center improved turnover and job satisfaction, as evidenced by turnover data from the unit-specific dashboards and the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) job enjoyment scores. All data were collected retrospectively, pre-implementation to post-implementation of the EBL framework, to determine whether significant improvement occurred in turnover percentages and job enjoyment scores. Results of a t test indicated no statistically significant improvement in turnover percentages or job enjoyment scores 7 months after the implementation of the EBL framework. The nonsignificant results could be attributed to several factors including senior leadership turnover, lack of specific accountability measures for failure to implement the EBL framework (insert comma here) and the restricted time frame of the evaluation period. Despite these nonsignificant results, the evaluation provides a baseline for future longitudinal studies to determine if an EBL framework can influence nursing turnover and job enjoyment after having been in place longer than the 7 months post implementation used for this evaluation.