Date of Conferral



Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)




Peter P. Kiriakidis


AbstractThe research problem was that K-12 school principals struggled concerning integration of technology into the curriculum (ITC). The purpose of this basic qualitative research study was to explore perceptions of K-12 school principals concerning ITC. The conceptual framework was the Hallinger and Murphy model focusing on institutional management, including school goals for principals to frame and communicate to school personnel. Perceptions of K-12 school principals concerning ITC were addressed. Data were collected using semistructured interviews via Zoom. The sample was 10 K-12 school principals who were purposively selected. These participants had at least 3 academic years in their jobs. Thematic analysis was used to analyze interview transcripts, and four themes emerged. Findings showed that participants implemented leadership practices concerning ITC, facilitated positive student achievement to overcome learning challenges, used funding for technology, and defined or revised the school mission to include ITC. It is recommended for K-12 school principals to implement leadership practices concerning ITC, seek funding for purchasing computer hardware and software, facilitate positive student achievement to overcome learning challenges, and redefine the school vision. Positive social change may result from these recommendations that may assist K-12 school principals in terms of addressing ITC for students to pass state tests and graduate from school.