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Welcome to the 2011 Walden University Winter Research Symposium and to our first symposium held in Miami! As you will see, this symposium offers a range of research from our faculty, students, and graduates. While some of these projects have been funded through internal grants, many projects report cutting- edge findings from doctoral capstones, conducted by Walden students. Further, several of our colleagues are discussing research in its formative stages.

As before, we offer two formats for the presentation of research. Posters give the researchers a chance to engage with all individuals attending the symposium and potentially to network with other interested researchers. Within the roundtable format, a select group of researchers will be available for interactive discussions of their work, with handouts and visual materials available to support the discussion. We encourage you to use the "Contacts" page at the end of this program to record key connections that you will make at this event.

The research topics this year are as diverse as the methodologies used to study them. One common research theme in this symposium, however, revolves around the notion of "challenges," such as those faced by children globally, by oppressed individuals in the United States, and by educators who instruct an increasingly diverse student population.

The strength of the symposium lies in the interactions between presenters and audience. So, please don't be shy-step up, ask questions, make comments, and enjoy the experience.

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Winter 2011


Miami, FL


Research Symposium

2011 Walden University Winter Research Symposium