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Although the public-private partnership(PPP) concept in health and social health has been politically accepted as a best pathway to improving health outcomes in many developing countries, implementation lacks leadership synergy (LS). Lack of awareness and engagement of community leaders about PPP interventions and their benefits affect accountability and ownership of health and social care interventions. Lack of accountability on PPP interventions and lack of community engagement requires a synergistic approach between public and private sector to improve health and social welfare of the population (Cramm et al., 2013; Itika, et al., 2011:White et al., 2013). The leadership gap in the community care setting affects the implementation of the long-term health and well being of the population (CDC, 2010; Cramm et al., 2013). Further descriptive research was needed to provide evidence about leadership synergy in a community health related innovative program to improve accountability (Cramm et al., 2013; Itika, et al., 2011: Tanzania global Health Initiatives).

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Community Public-Private Partnership Leadership Synergy In Tanzania