7 Principles of Good Instructional Technology in Nursing Education

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Presented at the AACN BSN Conference, Orlando, Florida, USA.


his workshop is designed for nursing faculty.

Building the learning experience of the 21st century is a great opportunity to use instructional technology to succeed with each of the 7 principles of Good Teaching. This interactive session will allow faculty to explore fun strategies that can be implemented quickly to improve nursing education. Emphasis will be placed on evidence-based learning and evidence-based nursing practice. This session will focus on the direct application of education theories proposed by Chickering, Gamson, and Ehrmann.

Upon completion of this program participants will be able to:

  1. Utilize the 7 principles of good teaching to guide the use of technology in nursing education.
  2. Identify the learning needs of nursing students.
  3. Describe the evidence-base that supports the use of active learning in nursing education.

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