Ability and hurdle to provide banking online services: A case study of banking employees in Nigeria

Sheila Fournier, Walden University
Joseph Funsho Omonaiye
V. V. Madhavi Lalitha
Habib Ullah Khan


Identifying the employee version regarding the necessities of customers and the status of the technological initiatives is one of the latest strategies of the online banking companies. As many of the studies are limited to collect the opinion of the customer, the other side of the coin is not coming to lime light. So, the present study intended to capture the opinion of the employees regarding two vital aspects -- the ability of the organization to follow the pioneers of the industry with respect to adapting online banking practices and the hurdles that the online banking organizations are facing nationally and internationally. Two research questions are framed accordingly and the opinion of the employee regarding the questions is collected. A total of 90 employees of three reputed banks are selected at random and data is collected from them using the study tool, questionnaire. The collected is analyzed using simple statistical techniques and portrayed for better understanding. For the first question, answer is taken as yes and no and for the second research question, the average of the opinions regarding the social, economic, political and legal environments is considered. Thus, the opinion of the employees about Nigerian technology market is portrayed using pictorial representation. From the figures, it is affirmed that strategies have been being implemented in Nigeria by following the forerunners of the online banking industry. At the same time, it is also opined by majority of employees that the compartmentalized working of the sectors has become a big problem for the development of the online banking. On the whole, it is proved that synchronized services of all the sectors, aimed at customer oriented collaborative strategies can convince the customers to use online banking ventures and hence to upgrade themselves.