Healthy Campus 2020: Connect, Collaborate, Create

Allison J. Smith, New York University
Michelle M. Burcin, Walden University


Data show there is a gap in implementing effective strategies on college campuses associated with population-level improvements. The Healthy Campus 2020 framework, with national 10-year objectives and an evidence-based action model, provides a roadmap to improve the health of all students, staff, and faculty on college campuses across the United States. This session, led by the current and immediate past Chair of the American College Health Association’s Healthy Campus Coalition, will lay the groundwork for building a movement around Healthier Campuses. An interactive discussion will explore the value of public health interventions on college and university campuses and the imperative to demonstrate improved student outcomes.

Learning Objectives:

1. Describe Healthy Campus 2020 principles and action model for achieving improved population-level improvements

2. Discuss strategies for communicating to key stakeholders the value of investing in effective