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A Content Analysis of Bessel van der Kolk's Developmental Trauma Disorder (DTD) Proposals

Jason H. King, Walden University

Accuracy of Medical-Surgical Nurse’s Prediction of Patient’s Health Literacy Level

Shiloh A. Williams, Walden University

Africentrism, Leadership, and Human Rights at Indiana University’s African American Dance Company

Vickie M. Casanova-Willis, Walden University

American Indian Cooking Self-Efficacy and Health Perceptions of Obesity

Kristina L. Babbitt, Walden University

Association of Working Therapeutic Alliance and Psychopathy in Civilly-Confined Sex Offenders

Kearie A. Newman, Walden University

Call to Advocacy: Expanding Graduate Students' Leader-Advocate Identities

Mary Barbara Trube, Walden University
Christina M. Dawson, Walden University

Citizens Relationships with Police Hampered by Trust, Transparency, and Underdeveloped Policies for Body Worn Cameras

Christopher L. Bush, Walden University

Culturally Responsive Leadership and Distributed Leadership Practices in a STEM School

Cynthia B. Bradley, Walden University

Diversity in Mental Health Among Generations in the LGBTQI Community

Jennifer L. Stone, Walden University
Tara S. Harris, Walden University

Division II Football Players’ Perceptions of NCAA and Finding Balance Between Athletics and Education

Morgan Lehman, Walden University

Epidemiology and Criminology: Managing Youth Firearm Homicide Violence in Urban Areas

Joseph A. McMillan, Walden University

Evaluating the Relationship Between the Use of Unapproved Fuels in Live-Fire Training and Carcinogen Exposure

Christina Spoons, Walden University

Examining Liquidity, Growth Strategy, Capital Structure, and Earnings Growth

Steven R. Posey, Walden University

Experiences and Perceptions of Instructional Lead Teachers on Improving Teacher Quality

Maryam Thomas, Walden University

Experiences, Reflections, and Applications of Service-Learning Among Rookie Police Officers

Jacqueline D. Smith, Walden University

Exploring Strategies to Transition to Big Data Technologies from Data Warehousing Technologies

Mbah J. Fortem, Walden University

Factors Affecting Master’s Counseling Students Pursuing Doctoral Degrees

Charity A. Godfrey, Walden University

Faculty Perceptions of the Use of Virtual Learning Environments in Introductory Biology Courses

Whitley Webb, Walden University

Green Innovative Strategies Construction Business Leaders Implement to Increase Organizational Performance

Janelle O'Mard, Walden University

Impact of District-Wide Free Lunch on Third-Grade Students’ Reading Comprehension

Rita A. Williams, Walden University

Impact of Food Assistance Programs on Food Insecurity, Diet Quality and Obesity

Jessica E. Hill, Walden University

Implementation Fidelity and Middle School Reading Program

Emir Gonzalez, Walden University

Innovation and Market Leadership in a Technology Industry

Wilson Zehr, Walden University

Learning Preferences and Support Opportunities for Online African Doctoral Students

Blessing F. Adeoye, Walden University
Laura K. Lynn, Walden University

Loneliness, Prosocial Relationships, and Recidivism in Long-Term Incarcerated Juveniles

Amy R. Jozan, Walden University

Management Strategies for Improving Construction Industry Ethics

Stacy R. Foster, Walden University

Meat-Eating Justification and Relationship Closeness with Vegetarian Family, Friends, and Romantic Partners

Amy D. Vandehei, Walden University

Modernizing the Approach to Mentoring for African American Women in the Federal Government

Fatimah D. Pierce, Walden University

Nursing Faculties’ Perceptions of Teaching Students Who Speak English as Second Language

Natalia S. Ruiz Muñiz, Walden University

Predictors of Condom Use Among High School Students in North Carolina

Danielle C. Robinson, Walden University

Predictors of HIV Testing Among African American Men Who Have Sex with Men

Jeanette M. Higgins, Walden University

Promotion of Lifestyle Changes by Community Pharmacists Among Adults with Hypertension in Nigeria

Olanike Kehinde, Walden University

Public Trust in Needle Exchange Programs: The Role of Information

Susan E. Baer, Walden University

Relationship Between Parental Involvement and 4th-5th Grade Students’ Academic Motivation

Charla D. Williams, Walden University

Social Media Marketing Strategies: A Multiple Case Study of Landscape Industry Small Businesses in Alabama

Crystal Lupo, Walden University

Socially Responsible Decision-Making in Certified Benefit Corporations

John S. Daniel II, Walden University

Strategic Initiatives in Hastening Transformation to Ultra Adaptive and Smart Cities

Lionel de Souza, Walden University
Amit Aravind, Archana Projects
Srikanth Prabhu, Manipal Institute of Technology

Strategies for Reducing Employee Turnover in Small-and Medium-Sized Enterprises

Tijani Mohammed, Walden University

Strategies Health Care Leaders Use to Implement Strategic Change Initiatives Successfully

Sophia F. Brown, Walden University

Strategies to Implement Organizational Changes in Middle East and North Africa

Ilham Hiyari, Walden University

Strategies to Maintain Profitability When Crude Oil Prices Fluctuate

Yussif Sulemana, Walden University

Student Voices in Teacher Evaluation: A Multilevel, Latent Factor Investigation of Teacher Quality

Kathleen J. Hoff, Walden University

Syndromic Surveillance Markers Associated with Dengue in Saint Lucia

Brendan Lee, Walden University

The Environmental Kuznets Curve and Israel

Lisa A. Cave, Walden University

The Extended Shelter Stay of Homeless Millennials in NYC Shelter

Xellex Z. Rivera, Walden University

The Relationship between Multifaceted Motivational Factors and Academic Achievement

Sandra L. Beasley, Walden University

The Relationship between Preschool Teachers’ Knowledge, and Experience to Emergent Literacy Assessment

Myra G. Crouch, Walden University

Use of Managerial Epidemiology by Healthcare Leaders in Ambulatory Settings

Chantelle Schenning, Walden University