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"The Polarities of Democracy theory grew out of over 50 years of Dr. Bill Benet’s efforts and studies as a scholar/practitioner seeking to use democracy as a solution to the problem of oppression. In 2013, Dr. Benet’s article on the Polarities of Democracy theory was published in the Journal of Social Change. Almost immediately, a cluster of doctoral students at Walden University’s School of Public Policy and Administration (where Dr. Benet now serves as a chair for doctoral dissertations), began using the Polarities of Democracy as the theoretical framework, along with the Polarity Thinking as the conceptual framework, for their dissertations. To date, four students have completed their PhD, two are writing up their findings, and another 25 are developing their proposals or completing their coursework. Polarities of Democracy theory and Polarity Thinking are now being used around the world as a guide to build healthy, sustainable, and just communities — in the US, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Ghana, Ireland, England, and numerous other countries." -- From https://instituteforpod.org/index.php/polarities-of-democracy-model/