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Morrow County, Oregon, is a county located in the north central part of Oregon, right along the Columbia River. The county’s industrial profile is a mix between large agricultural producers, longtime family ranches, and major tech companies like Amazon and Facebook. The largest town, Boardman, only has a population of around 3400 persons (2018), with several other smaller towns making up the rest of the county. Many of the subjects who work in Morrow County commute from several larger towns in adjacent counties. One result of this is that there are no open-to-the-public fitness clubs in Morrow County. Any access to organized fitness or even weight training must be accessed through the local school gymnasiums and this is limited due to liability reasons. In comparison, there are two liquor stores, three bars, and multiple fast-food locations within the county. This social change portfolio will examine the rising rates of obesity in Morrow County (OR), along with the lack of access to physical activity, specifically in males in this location.