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Summer 2023


Goal Statement: Raise awareness of e–cigarettes use and harmful consequences, as well as make media campaigns promoting a variety of positive identities not associated with vaping.

Significant Findings: Adolescence in the US abusing e-cigarette products that lead to significant health problems. Those are respiratory, digestive issues, and brain development complications (Grimm, 2022). The LGBTQ + youth population is at higher risk of developing vaping addiction due to stigma, rejection, physical abuse, and bullying (Kelleher, 2009). Implementing Social Cognitive Theory (SCT) and Stages of Change theories can increase the chances of preventing substance use (National Cancer Institute, 2005).

Objectives/Strategies/Interventions/Next Steps:

1. Use the stages of the Change model to determine which of the five steps of changing behavior adolescents see themselves, what information they need, and which intervention would be appropriate to move to another stage eventually.

2. Use Social Cognitive Theory to create more supervision, provide skills training to say "no" to peer pressure, and bring role models to the environment who will target the adverse outcomes of vaping.

3. Implement Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) to bring together parents, students, school staff, law enforcement, and tobacco retailers and gather epidemiological data to develop community-based strategies to prevent substance use.

4. Practice CATCH My Breath evidence-based program to increase knowledge about e-cigarette use.

5. Create a safe school environment for LGBTQ youth that can help reduce discrimination.

6. Create a school-based curriculum focusing on teaching peer relationships and inclusion.

7. Get school professionals involved as a supportive force for sexual minorities.