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Goal Statement: This prevention program aims to reduce the percentage of self-reported excessive alcohol consumption among adults aged 18 and older in Perry County, Missouri using prevention-focused programs, education, and community awareness.

Significant Findings: Perry County, MO, is a rural community within Southeast Missouri. Missouri is within the top 10 % of states with the highest reported adult excessive drinking. Perry County is one of the top counties for excessive adult drinking within Missouri (County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, 2018). Excessive drinking is a community health concern due to its multitude of adverse effects on mental and physical health. Educating the community and spreading awareness can begin a journey towards changes at the societal, institutional, community, and individual levels encouraging prevention of excessive drinking.

Objectives/Strategies/Interventions/Next Steps: Prevention can begin with educating everyone on the prevalence of excessive drinking and the adverse effects on the community. Encouraging easier access to mental health services to all community members and effectively advertising available substance use treatments can spread awareness and prevention. Collaborating with community-owned businesses to promote stricter policies on excessive drinking can lower the risk of drinking too much, driving impaired, and other consequences of excessive drinking. Non-alcoholic events and activities encourage social events and entertainment without alcohol. Programs, such as LifeSkills Training Program, can be funded and utilized to assist with helping individuals with the risk factors that influence the use of alcohol—for example, job skills training to ensure more fulfilling employment. Professional counselors can advocate for the community's health concerns by collaborating and providing effective prevention strategies, programs, and changes.