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Goal Statement: To discuss HIV/AIDS awareness and preventive measures that may aid in mitigating the disease, and suggest ways for advocacy. Significant Findings: The prevalence of HIV/AIDS continues to be on the rise in Metro Atlanta areas with the black men who have sex with men (MSM) being disproportionately affected. Findings indicated that the black MSM were mostly affected due to great number of them praticicng same sex act (Hicks, 2017). Subsequent finding showed that the high prevalence was due to unprotected sex, substance and alcohol abuse, and mental health issues (Pérez et al., 2018). Collaborative efforts from governmental and non-governmental entities to combat the disease, and effectuate recommended programs are integral to the process of HIV/AIDS prevention. Objectives/Strategies/Interventions/Next Steps: The main objective of this project is to identify the areas and the target population in Georgia that has the highest HIV/AIDS cases, and suggest ways to reduce the infection. Available data has shown that Georgia ranked 5 th among the states that have high prevalence of HIV/AIDS cases. Identifying the areas in Georgia that are mostly affected with HIV/AIDS infection and the target population is paramount. The Georgia Department of Public health HIV surveillance data will be used to examine the prevalence. Intervention will include Clinical Mental Health Counselors to help counsel the population mostly affected. Partnering with community-based agency to support an existing program or providing HIV/AIDS monthly training that is cost effective will help in educating the affected population.