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Goal: The goal of this social change portfolio is to prevent recidivism by offering a six-month life skills group at the local Health Department in Charles County, Maryland. The long-term goal of this prevention program is to reduce recidivism in Charles County by 5% in one year.

Significant Findings: Charles County, is a populous county in the State of Maryland with limited resources for adults with arrest records related to substance abuse. There are currently no long-term structural or prevention programs to assist with reintegration. The recidivism rate in the State of Maryland is near fifty percent (, 2020). The application of the social-ecological model assesses the risk and protective factors of this population. The Stages of Change Model and Inoculation Theory focuses on reducing said risk factors and increasing protective factors of this population to incorporate the prevention program, Botkin Lifeskills group. Empirical data demonstrates this approach renders a positive correlation in reducing relapse of unwanted behaviors, which in turn prevents recidivism (LifeSkills Training, 2019).

Objectives: Establish a Botkin Lifeskills group at the Charles County Health Department that utilizes peer experiences to develop life skills related to career and educational development. Incorporate the Stages of Change Model to foster self-exploration related to the nonlinear development of change. Incorporate Inoculation Theory to integrate gradual exposure of risk factors. Model programs that afford advantages for this marginalized population. Increase awareness of the stigma and inequity of this population within Charles County.