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Goal Statement: This project targets adolescent males aged 10-18 years who have been exposed to violence using Multisystemic Therapy-Prevention to reduce violent crime in Dallas County, Texas, by 10% in five years.

Significant Findings: According to recent statistics published for Dallas County, Texas, violent crime presents the most prominent health challenge. It reveals an almost 30% increase in violent crimes per person above the national average (Dallas (DAS) County, Texas, n.d.). Given that the problem of violent crime is typically young and male and that 99% of perpetrators report having been victims of violence themselves, the target population for this project is adolescent males exposed to violence (Walsh, 2020). Key findings indicate that Multisystemic Therapy-Prevention programs have been successfully applied in evidence-based programs in several locations in the United States. This project includes recommendations for including Multisystemic Therapy-Prevention programs, diversity and ethical considerations, and several ideas regarding advocacy for the targeted population.

Objectives/Strategies/Interventions/Next Steps: The objective is to reduce violent crime in Dallas County, Texas, by 10% over five years by implementing a Multisystemic Therapy-Prevention program targeting adolescent males aged 10-18 that have been exposed to violence. This strategy utilizes insight regarding protective and risk factors gained from research and social-ecological contexts, with interventions occurring at the individual, relationship, community, and societal levels. The next steps include implementing the prevention program accompanied by an advocacy action plan in partnering with the Dallas County District Attorney's Office to ensure that every judge is required to review an assessment of every perpetrator's adverse childhood experiences before any judgment or sentencing.