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Foster care youth in Sarasota County, FL and all through the United States face a large number of difficulties. These foster youth lack any plans for stability after departing the child welfare system which makes them likely to experience homelessness (Kelly, 2020). 23,000 youth “age out” of care each year and preventing homelessness for this population has developed into a major public health crisis (Shah et al., 2017). In 2019, they were 1,135 homeless people in Sarasota County, FL, 400 were teenagers and young adults, as compared to the total homeless populace in Florida which was 28,591 (Florida Council on Homelessness, 2019). Recommendations to establish permanency and jumpstart prevention when working with foster youth include programs that focus on stable housing, health care, employment, mentorship, life skills, and increasing well-being (Armstrong-Heimsoth et al., 2021).