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Publication Date

Summer 2021


Goal Statement: This social change portfolio aims to prevent future emotional, mental and behavioral health issues for military sexual assault survivors by providing practical resources and services within the immediate community.

Significant Findings: Military sexual assault survivors have unique needs and require access to militaryspecific resources to heal and recover at their own pace. The town of Pike Road, Alabama, does not have any mental health or behavioral health agencies exclusively for military sexual assault survivors. Through the utilization of the Social-Ecological Model, Social Cognitive Theory, and advocacy steps, community awareness and prevention efforts in the area of military sexual assault can be applied to the town of Pike Road, Alabama.

Objectives/Strategies/Interventions/Next Steps: One strategy to bring awareness to the Pike Road, Alabama area is to develop a community program dedicated to treating sexual assault survivors. Through this program, one objective would be to provide community awareness and prevention training to community members in the area of military sexual assault. Another strategy would be to provide resources from out-of-town mental health and behavioral health services. Until Pike Road, Alabama can accommodate the newly developed program, resources and services should be provided by the closest mental health and behavioral health agencies. Additionally, providing a relationship connection between military sexual assault survivors and their support systems is essential to the overall healing process. By developing relationship building programs and activities for military families in the area, military sexual assault survivors will establish healthy relationships and continue the process through their journey towards healing. Finally, connecting with the local military installation and the available resources is a critical component to the advocacy process. There are many resources and services that the Department of Defense offers military members and their families. Bridging the gap for military sexual assault survivors, providing outreach, and increasing the awareness of these resources is another way to bring community awareness and prevention efforts to the community of Pike Road, Alabama.