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Summer 2021


Goal Statement: The goal of this prevention project is to bring awareness to poverty issues. Thus, developing a plan to improve the lack of employment opportunities, educational attainment, and transportation service to help those in need attain an adequate standard of living free from poverty.

Significant Findings: Poverty works in an active cycle, with its effects increasing the probability that it will transfer among generations. Poor communities are less likely than others to have economic wealth, education, and social capital (i.e. connections to people with specialized knowledge or in powerful positions). The problem that comes with the cycle of poverty can continue to entrap families in poverty for generations if preventive measures are not in place. Hence, low-quality education, limited employment, food shortage, and lack of infrastructure all effects poverty by forming barriers to individual economic advancement (Hudson, 2010). Moreover, recommendations should include input on how the community members and stakeholders plan to; better understand how poverty can be resolved. In addition, meetings should be held regularly, so general feedback can show how the planning and progress efforts are humanizing poverty concerns.

Objectives/Strategies/Interventions/Next Steps: Social workers, counselors, and human service professionals deliver services in the communities. Vulnerable populations need the assistance of helping professionals to overcome adversities in their lives. Social workers can be utilized as consultants in different agencies (i.e. schools, child welfare/public assistance, and community advocates) to increase awareness of poverty. Also, the best way to measure poverty directly is to influence the design and implement poverty reduction programs to overcome poverty in the community of Rosamond, Ca.

Continuous outreach and collaborative efforts are needed moving forward. Further, the initiatives from the Kern Community Foundation on the Status of Women and Girls in Kern County Program pay attention to how educational attainment plays an essential role in reducing poverty and promoting a balanced safety net free from poverty in communities and society as a whole (Executive Summary 2020 Report).