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Summer 2021


Goal Statement: The goal of this project is to prevent the occurrence of substance abuse among adults over 18 years old in Josephine County, Oregon.

Significant Findings: In Josephine County, Oregon, there is a large proportion of rural residents who have a problem with substance abuse (Oregon Health Authority- Addictions and Mental Health Division, 2014). Many rural residents have limited access to health care, whether it be physical or mental health, or substance use programs. A recommendation is to develop a program to prevent the use of illicit substances by providing better access to care and education.

Objectives/Strategies/Interventions/Next Steps: Interventions to prevent substance use in the rural adult population of Josephine County, Oregon, are described in more detail below. They include increasing access to health care through telemed and virtual visits. An additional intervention is to increase the availability to transportation when virtual visits are not feasible. Increasing internet access to improve the reliability of telemed and virtual visits will benefit this population. Providing training to those health care providers who work with the rural population as it relates to substance use in adults would be beneficial for the prevention of substance use in adults in rural areas. Decreasing the stigmatization of substance use disorders by providing education within the communities is another important intervention and may increase the likelihood that a person with a substance use problem would seek treatment.