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Publication Date

Winter 2023


Goal Statement: My goal is to increase parents' awareness about the stress that comes with raising a child with ASD as well as provide parents with resources on how to navigate this new journey.

Significant Findings: Parents of children with Autism spend most of their focus on their children and less on their mental health. Parents of those children, who experience depression can impair their ability to be present with their child (Vital et. al., 2023). Parents might also have difficulty setting boundaries with their children, causing certain behaviors to be negatively reinforced (Vital et. al., 2023). The focus is on the children and less on the parents. Parents need access to more resources to assist their children. Programs within schools, in the community, and changes in program requirements federally will help parents with the stress that comes with raising a child with autism.

Objectives/Strategies/Interventions/Next Steps: The next steps include making parents aware of the stress and resources available to them. This would include programs or discussions with the diagnosing professional about what to expect. Schools and teachers need more assistance and resources for children with autism. The parents should be able to rely on the schools as well as other professionals to assist with their child. Schools should partner with programs such as FACES, which is a training program that provides training on autism for African-American families (Pearson & Meadan, 2021). Parents should be educated on the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and burnout as well as where to go when they need help. Lastly, we should shift focus to program requirements at the state and federal levels that include more families based on their socioeconomic status.