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Goal Statement: This Social Change Portfolio aims to develop and optimize prevention efforts to decrease alcohol use disorder (AUD) among United States service members.

Significant Findings: Currently, there is a high rate of alcohol misuse and dependency in the United States military, with 80% of active duty military personnel consuming alcohol regularly and 34% participating in binge drinking behaviors (Hoopsick et al., 2022; Meadows et al., 2023). Alcohol use disorder (AUD) influences 42% of military men and women and is linked to other mental health disorders (Schick et al., 2021). Key findings showcase how AUD in the military is influenced by various levels and factors explained by the social-ecological model, social learning theory, and Multicultural and Social Justice Counseling Competencies. The portfolio recommends denormalizing drinking in the military, encouraging help-seeking behaviors, destigmatizing mental health, and enhancing mental health services (Hoopsick et al., 2022; Osborne et al., 2022; Woodruff et al., 2018).

Objectives/Strategies/Interventions/Next Steps: Continue to enhance and implement mental health services with evidence-based therapies like the Marine Corps Substance Abuse Program and adopt a culturally competent clinical style that includes a strong therapeutic alliance with organizational customer services like the Department of Veteran Affairs. Enhance transition programs for separating veterans through peer support groups and family-building strategies. Reduce reporting requirements of military personnel and counselors regarding mental health treatment. Continue to advocate for mental health services to address concerns before they become unmanageable and reduce the limitations and fears of individuals seeking care for AUD.