Journal of Sustainable Social Change


Walden University’s social change approach is an essential part of its vision and is transmitted through the academic work and knowledge of its graduates, who are trained to find solutions to critical societal challenges in pursuit of advancing the greater global good. Schuerkens’ Social Changes in a Global World can serve as a compendium for the Walden family and others interested in this topic. The author examines how social transformations and changes are connected to issues of power and political influence; how transformations and changes have been influenced by concepts of modernity, progress, and rationalization; how transformations and changes differ in various contexts and geographical areas. The author explores globalization through both anthropological and sociological lenses along with the distinct journeys of humanity in developing and industrialized nations that are now seemingly merging and sharing commercial and cultural interests. The audience for this book may include academics, higher education practitioners, individuals concerned with global civil society, and political activists.