Journal of Sustainable Social Change




Following the murder of George Floyd, the U.S. Congress called upon the National Organization for Black Law Enforcement Executives (NOBLE) to play a role in the reimagining of policing in America and a transformation of policing from a warrior to a guardian mentality. In turn, NOBLE partnered with the Institute for Polarities of Democracy (also referred to as the Institute) to conduct an analysis of the 21st century policing report. In this article we summarize the results of a year-long Phase 1 analysis carried out by the Institute and NOBLE. The Phase 1 analysis was conducted with support from the Walden University Center for Social Change through its strategic alliance with the Institute. The purpose of the analysis was to apply the polarities of democracy to a comprehensive approach to organizational and systems anti-racism methodologies and reform efforts that are compatible with NOBLE’s focus on the transformation of policing cultures. Through the analysis, we generated recommendations that might be used to address racism in America through our comprehensive Anti-Racism Initiative. This will encompass not just policing, but organizations, institutions, and systems that include, but are not limited to, mental health, employment, the social economy, public education, healthcare, social work, housing, and the environment as part of a social change effort to advance healthy, sustainable, and just communities.