Journal of Educational Research and Practice


Teacher leaders are a population to consider when observing instructional leadership or the instructional leadership behaviors of the school principal. While teacher leaders may formally or informally fulfill different roles in the school, depending on the school’s needs and the principal’s vision. A voice rarely illuminated within research, teacher leaders should have the ability to perceive and speak to the instructional leadership behaviors of the school principal. It is through the display of the instructional leadership behaviors and implementation of processes and programs that teacher leaders are able to more accurately perceive and communicate beliefs about their school principals’ practices regarding instructional leadership. One overlooked presence in the research on instructional leadership practices is the charter school principal. To address this issue, our goal is to examine the instructional practices of the charter school principal from the lens of Mendel’s five effective leadership practices for instructional leaders as perceived by the teacher leader. Several concepts emerged from this phenomenological study indicating that teacher leaders perceive that effective charter school instructional leaders (a) use diverse communication styles with all stakeholders, (b) promote professional capacity, (c) employ varied data to inform instructional practices and decisions, (d) have a visual and resounding vision statement, and (e) maximize and preserve instructional time for teachers with few daily interruptions.