International Journal of Applied Management and Technology


The concept of an electronic health record (EHR) has been the solicitous subject of researchers’ discussion in recent times. The impact that a successful implementation of EHRs can have on physicians cannot be overstated. Factors which are critical to successful implementation of EHR systems are commonly known as crucial technology implementation factors (CTIFs). The present study investigates the CTIFs of EHR systems and also their impact on physicians’ job satisfaction and characteristics in North Indian multispecialty hospitals. The questionnaire has been distributed to physicians of 12 hospitals that have been using EHR technology. It has been concluded that five CTIFs—organizational support, training, software attributes, acceptance to change, and computer knowledge—play a more important role than that played by other factors. The factors have not been considered separately on the basis of preimplementation scenario and postimplementation phase. The study attempts to analyze the impact of EHR systems on job operational performance of physicians.