Creative Arts in Clinical Supervision

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Book Chapter

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M. K.,Shuler, E.A., Keller- Dupree, K., Cook (Eds). Transformational Learning Experiences: A conversation with counselors about their personal and professional developmental journeys. Lanham, MD: Hamilton Books.


Embarking on a journey to become a counselor does more than prepare a person for a new and rewarding career. Relational, training and life experiences all contribute to transformational encounters that change who the person is and who he or she will be as a future counselor. Each counselor’s journey is unique, as is each counselor. The authors presented here allowed themselves to be vulnerable as they shared their own unique journeys and experiences that led them to be the counselor they are today, in the hopes that they may inspire others on their own unique journeys towards becoming a counselor who transforms lives. -- from publishers' website