Research Institutions: Research-Based Teaching through Technology

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Students that have been educated from online institutions do not readily receive the hands-on experience needed to make an easy transition into research-based institutions, research-intensive laboratories, or into the workforce. Online instruction does not cultivate the knowledge that comes from hands-on experience and experimentation. This type of experience is better facilitated via in-person interaction. In online institutions students only receive interaction via email, online discussion boards, or through phone calls. This does not allow for instructors to sufficiently improve upon the student's skills, assist in the development of their knowledge, or evaluate students' hands-on abilities within the science field. Within this case study, the author outlines some of the basic items that students should have been exposed to within their programs of study and state some of the issues that students in online institutions face when they are educated in an online setting and then transition to research-intensive settings. The author also outlines ways to assist students with these transitions and the types of facilities needed to assist students.