A Counseling Skills Primer: 3-Minute Microskills Videos for the Visual Learner

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Grayslake, IL: The Pensiero Press.


Nina Spadaro, Tiffany Rush-Wilson, and Rives Thornton virtually bring counseling skills to life in this multi-media e-book. Integrating straight-forward written descriptions with clear video demonstrations of each skill greatly enhances the learning experience of the reader. The authors explain and demonstrate microskills, which are the building blocks of the helping professions and the core of all therapeutic relationships. In addition, the concept of mesoskills is introduced for the first time – a concept that incorporates how to assemble the microskills together to effectively conduct the different stages of the therapeutic relationship, from the initial meeting of clients to their final sessions. The mesoskills are artfully described as well as demonstrated on video for the reader to fully understand these crucial concepts that have so much positive impact in the counseling relationship. This book is essential for all individuals who want to be effective as a helping professional and is applicable with any theoretical orientation.

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