Romantic relationships in Mexico: Understanding the role of parenting and respeto in adolescence

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Journal of Social and Personal Relationships

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This study examined whether adolescents’ perceptions of maternal warmth and monitoring were associated with dating experience (experience vs. no experience) and romantic relationship duration in Mexico. We also explored whether respeto, age, and gender moderated these associations. Mexican adolescents (54% girls), aged 12–19, self-reported on their perceptions of maternal warmth and monitoring and romantic relationships. Findings suggest that more perceived maternal warmth was associated with longer relationships. The association between monitoring and relationship length was moderated by age and respeto. Specifically, more monitoring was associated with shorter relationships among older adolescents and those who reported lower levels of respeto. Adolescents who endorse respeto and those who are younger may not perceive maternal monitoring as an attempt to hinder their romantic relationships. Findings highlight the importance of cultural context and parental relationships in Mexican adolescents’ romantic experiences.