Communication Issues in a Multilingual Business Environment: Insights from Managers

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Global Journal of Business Research

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This paper presents the conclusions and implications of the research study based on responses from a sample of 20 manufacturing leader-managers working in the states of California or Florida. This research also presents recommendations for further action followed by a summary of findings. Organizational policies and procedures are in place to ensure standards are implemented for an efficient and safe work environment for all employees. It is expected that employees understand such processes so they can meet the goals of the organizations. Organizations that embrace diversity are able to bring unique talents and ideas that will serve clients' needs. However, when language presents a barrier to communication, then management has to weigh whether it is placing itself in a position to do more harm than good for employees involved. Two questions were fundamental to the research: (1) How do leader managers share and transfer organizational knowledge to a linguistically diverse manufacturing workforce to prevent workplace injuries in their organization? (2) What are perceived challenges in sharing and transferring organizational knowledge in a linguistically diverse manufacturing work force to prevent workplace injuries in their organization?